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Lessons learned: Build your own DynDNS

For many years I used a well-known free DynDNS service. Some time ago, however, this service became chargeable. I therefore decided to look for an alternative. Since I couldn’t find anything suitable, I asked myself whether I could build such a system myself.

However, there are several possible solutions. After I had implemented a solution with Bind, I had to deal with the operation of the solution. So I came up with another solution that is hosted in the AWS Cloud. This eliminates the need for a separate server.

The solution requires a Route53 DNS zone and a Lambda function that changes the DNS entries in the zone on request. An API gateway is also part of the solution so that the Lambda function can also be called via HTTP. The API gateway would also offer the option of securing the HTTP API with an API key.

If you would like to take a look at the solution, you can view it here on GitHub. In addition to Node and Python, an installed CDK and Docker are also required for deployment.

If you have any feedback, I would be happy if you would send it to me.

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